Interim Management

Provide Leadership NOW while you search for the RIGHT organizational fit. Help your new Senior Manager hit the ground running.

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Interim Professionals

If the job is worth recruiting for, it is critical to the day-to-day success of the company. Don’t wait to achieve the results. You certainly don’t want to rush your decision on the RIGHT new hire either.

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Interim IT/IS

Enjoy INSTANT experience and productivity from hard-to-find resources.

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IT/IS Solutions

Data Model Extensibility that can scale with your Business

YOUR CRM solution must contain the mechanisms for expanding and enhancing capabilities without requiring major infrastructure changes, so you can count on it to support your organization for a long time to come.

Securing and Controlling Information is Easy

Montera-supported CRM solutions provide a comprehensive security model based on roles and privileges, so you can easily customize and control access to data by job roles and task needs.

Service Oriented Architectures

Build rich integrations across YOUR organization with a centralized, easily-discoverable set of web services that are connected through a common integration framework across business systems, applications, and processes.

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IT/IS Solutions

Capture Relevant Data and Retrieve Timely and Actionable
Insights into Your Business

Montera implements CRM solutions that provide information YOUR employees can understand and leverage to work quickly in YOUR competitive market.

Get Better Decision-Making Capabilities with a Clearer View of Customers

Transform your customer information into market-driven actions. Get clear insight into your customers' unique needs and preferences with customer-centric reporting and analysis tools.

Power of Choice

Montera’s CRM solutions can be purchased, configured, customized, integrated and deployed YOUR way.

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IT/IS Solutions

Create Demand and Generate New Business

No matter how complex your sales process, Montera can help you configure a solution that will quickly qualify sales leads and opportunities, streamline YOUR sales strategy, and help YOUR force access critical customer information at a moment’s notice to help make the sale.

Provide More Value to Customers

From delivering the right response the first time, to rapidly resolving issues, to scheduling services, Montera’s ability to assemble YOUR business processes into a CRM solution will help enhance YOUR ability to respond to YOUR customers by enabling you to offer a first-class, personalized service.

Share Information across Your Organization and Stay Productive

Montera’s CRM solutions promote collaboration and give everyone access to YOUR integrated business processes that can make them more effective and efficient.

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Montera Corporation

Montera specializes in helping organizations achieve operational excellence by providing experienced management and professional resources as INTERIM SOLUTIONS to everyday challenges.  Although it often makes sense for a company to hire a person on a permanent basis, the RIGHT person is not always readily available.   It takes time to find the appropriate combination of experience, skills, and fit.  If there is a key role to be performed in the company, does it make sense to delay the start, or disrupt the progress, of that role?

You can’t always control when a key person leaves your organization, or how long their position is vacant, but you CAN minimize the impact of the loss.  Montera’s Interim Management , Professionals , and Technologists “bridge the gap” caused by vacant positions until the permanent employee is hired.

Our Associates thrive on change and excel in new environments.  We will perform the role as if we were the new recruit.  Current infrastructure will be respected and even improved, if necessary.  We will work with you to transition your new hire into the role so they can hit the ground running.  We can even help you with the selection process, if you so choose.

Our broad experience and capabilities span all industries and specializations, providing your organization INSTANT experience and productivity. There is no need to wait for the productivity to start!

We offer Speed, Flexibility, and Results, with Low Risk.